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notre cave de vieux foudres
Agrandir l'image notre cave de vieux foudres
prise de densité avant mutage
prise de densité avant mutage
notre cave
notre cave

Maury is a wine to which alcohol has been added (herein there is no malefic intervention) “Mutage” is the the technical term denoting the operation which consists of stopping the fermentation by adding wine alcohol during its elaboration. This operation allows us, in this way, to conserve grape sugar hence the term Vin Doux Naturel –Natural Sweet Wine.

For a long time, there were only wines vinified in the winery for several years in oak tuns and barrels. These wines called TUILES because they come from black grapes or AMBRES as they come from white grapes. They are aromatically complex and can be served before or after a meal.

  • For Tuilés, we can find hints of cocoa beans, torrefaction, prunes.
  • For Ambrés : aromas  of dried fruits, orange and honey.

These wines are rich and silky with impressive length.

For several years there has been a new generation of MAURY

            MAURY BLANC

            MAURY GRENAT

They are bottled early to preserve their frutiness.

  • MAURY BLANC are pleasant, tasty fortified wines with floral, peary hints.
  • MAURY GRENAT are red fortified wines notable for their hints of dark red fruit and their intensity.

This diversity can be found in our different vintages : RECOLTE, POLLEN, VIEILLE RESERVE, CHABERT DE BARBERA….