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The cellar at its beginning
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The cellar today
The cellar today

"A little Occitan, Cathar and Catalan at the same time this imposing hundred year old building, with its one hectare area, has been able to resist crises and affirms through the years, its character in our wine galaxy." *

We are speaking about our Cave Cooperative “Les Vignerons de Maury”, founded in 1910.

At the end of 19 th Century the wine-growers, particularly those from Languedoc become aware of the need to group together to resist the pressure of wine merchants. In this way, the first Caves Cooperatives were formed . Henceforth the Cave will form part of the landscape and become the defining building of the village. In Maury 129 owners (+3 excused) elect the first governing body 20 april 1910 during the first constitutive meeting. The adventure with a capital A begins with the construction of a first building, followed by successive extensions to finish up with 3 caves in the village.

The V.D.N. produced in Maury are well known and recognised by an appellation in 1936 (one of the first). For many years the village population lived of this sole production with the 3 sites regrouping in 1974 to create la SOCIETE COOPERATIVE  “les Vignerons de Maury”.

In the 1980’s, to mark itself off from other appellations the cave created a squat bottle called “Maury”. The members of the cooperative went off all over France to sell their wine in the hypermarkets. In the 90s, with a change in consumer’s taste the range of Maury developed gourmet products with more fruit .

In the year 2000 the cooperative launches the idea of converting a part of our harvest into red wine, given our unique terroir. We are lucky  enough to have the choice grape variety Grenache noir which allows us to vinify both V.D.N. and still wines. In 2001 we begin. From the 2011 harvest we are proud to have obtained the appellation Maury which has been extended to a still wine Maury Sec.

Since its creation the cave in Maury has stayed on course and is still active 100 years on, thanks to the tenacity of the men an women who keep it working and make their living through it.

They have stamped in their soul and this desire to always go forward, to believe in the future of an exceptional terroir which, hopefully, can still reserve surprises


*J.P. PELRAS 2010 december in “l’Agri”.